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A rest stop on the highway of life
You work hard.  Life is tough.  
We provide a safe place to unwind, relax, to rest.  We utilize a 23 acre farm with alpaca, chickens, a turkey and dogs.  There are quiet places to enjoy, family fun and community gatherings.
A hour, a day, a weekend...
Rest, refresh, heal
We desire to encourage, lift and build up, heal and restore
the body, soul and spirit.
Our purpose is for you to feel loved and valued.
You will be energized and have a clearer purpose in your life.
Rejuven Acres is a refueling center.
 Contact us to set a time for your visit!

Sponsor an animal

Help to feed and take care of the animals.

Click the SPONSOR tab and choose your favorite

alpaca, or dog.

One time or every month.  Monthly sponsors receive special gifts!


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